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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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the chief and myself went to san quentin and met with the warned and developed a number even if orientation materials for the inmates we think this is potentially very excited being the first department in the state to do this there are other couldn't departments that want to do it but the recreation up to 56 inmates that will be ben inside the reentry pod being ready for the release of the adult probation that exporting process you would think should be continued in a post custody world it never happened without the level of focus or scrutiny.
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this is what the enter pod doesn't see it will be more practical use or around the state or country. electronic monitoring is the - electronic monitoring is something in my as precisions in being sheriff as a supervisor i spoke candidly about diversion around from incarnation and look for the tools that are afforded to the sheriff's department one by diverting people and making sure that there is no risk to public safety. we were surviving taxpayers significant amazes of money $55,000 a year and $15 and year
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from somebody on electronic mortgaging yet we're seeing in not better sometimes on the recidivism or repeat offender. and 2013 was a banner year for electronic monitoring in the san francisco sheriff's department we/3 hundred and 59 on e many there was no breach of the electronic monitoring nobody had been recidivist for those who unfortunately, this is an issue that remains unsoefld for people who can't afford bail remain in jail but those who are more higher risk for the lower risk to not be in jail. next please. vocational school training.
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when i was a supervisor so far district 5 i asked why are we not doing city building inside the jail whether you want to take the model or convert it that makes sense that the triumphing of the needs for jobs in san francisco and benefiting from our local economy then role one of the best candidates to help that opportunity starts in the system we have the space because our jail population has declined to create the space i reached out to our friends in union labor and others in the nonprofit community to examine what the possibilities are for the first time to bring into the
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san francisco sheriff's department a hard training system. and since it is a component of many local hiring laws and first source laws to hire people that are formerly incarcerated to begin the training process while in custody. we've preidentified many that apply in the i think the safety not a safety risk that well perform and by the people from a program like a bike repair is a precursor to help us ready ourself and we're acquit right for wanting to implement. we've put in the budget a request we implement that program. this kind of program will go a
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long way to address the issues for people of the colored community we often find disproportionately in jail so having them in the supervision of the adults and having them being placed in an apprentices program is a perfect slungs for the good work that's being done from city hall right now on a job program for underserved community should saturday in the jail. we have the programmed to help people get their driver's license to prepare for resegregation we need to make sure that during the exciting time of the economic about how many the other side of the coin
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how expensive it is to live in san francisco especially for a population like ours more to the point and unlikely or difficult it is for emerging population out of incarnation. job readiness is important here. one of the other endeavors is the cafe the in custody program like for men we can do this for women too even our women's jail population is smaller and considerably small compared to county in san francisco. we have a women's resource center on broint street across from the county jail. i want to use part of the y r.c.
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with a number of women lead organizations and with the adult probation depth to help provide a retail environmentalist we can turn our w r.c. into a cafe. we've investigated and in order to help teach and prepare the women who want to work in the process gets the culinary experience and be part of something that is something we can be proud of we've been working on that we have the capital in order to develop what the cafe will look like. the next area i want to braushgs is something that's been well
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discussed i'll say this we're the agency of last report when it comes down to evictions there's been a number of reports open the state of evictions but the true state based on the legal framework in court orders as their count strictly with the sheriff's department we have something that's an eviction assistance unit was it unit is nothing that a glorified expel the that except one deputy helped people who are being evicted. we're duty bound in order to honor the correspondent order itself it doesn't go without conscious to make sure that the person or families are evicted
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we don't want them to be homeless there's nothing in the state law that says they have to have a unit for this but we are trying to cusstion is blow and we're not as well prepared no matter from the nonprofit or the bar level or the association or even through private advertising by the time the order comes to us it's pretty sure a done deadly weapon and yet the critical process and crisis we do what we can to alleviate the project. so when small business is about ready to get evicted depending on their frame of mind we've seen stress growing and growing
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and growing we've had to deploy unit or escalates a number of help you want to see us be able to disarm and deescalate and often our deputies and our one fte that's used for eviction assistance is usually the representative in trying to explain to someone, you know, we're you need to go to seek those resources or you need to go to get this information if someone want to do what they can to stave off the eviction or, you know, seek housing somewhere else often we're the people that are the shoulder that people are
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relying on strangely same time there being a evicted. i want to try to do what we can to evaluate within the perimeters of what the law requires of us so that point of stress i've done ride along these to see what it like when someone is being evicted and someone says you're going to have to carry me out in the body bag that in and of itself necessity at that time something you can see the zip codes despite the master order of 2 thousand orders in 2013 there
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were 5 hundred less evictions carried out only 14 or 15 hundred maybe pledged based on streams of intervention and one hundred and 6 of 94124 and the next 51, 94107 and all the zip codes make up one hundred percent. next, please so on our law enforcement side right after the tragedy the san francisco general hospital last october we received a letter from the department of emergency management and quite surprised they said they can't provide dispatch service and the second
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largest law enforcement agency in san francisco we're and we're the eyes of the member of the public safety family this was a sobering letter to receive. i understand d e m is struggling with their own structural deficits in staffing deficiencys but as i spotlighted in the assessment of how poor and app accurate our services at sf general there is no dispatch it's a communication center if that that resembles something out of the 1950 not having the services for the police department and fire department frankly, i think t is madness. and the fact that happened unnoticed by the public safety
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community or the board of supervisors and/or the large board of supervisors not having the emergency management dispatch systems significantly handicaps our ability to perform the services that be common place for the sheriff's department. we received a bill that never occurred before i building it was 6 hundred thousand or something. 6 hundred and 40 thousand. if that same level of billing is being addressed to us that billing will be targeted for other members of the pub public safety and that doesn't seem to be the case. i'm hoping 0 through the budget intellects process - >> sorry about that. >> through the process we'll
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come to some understanding how realignment we are on the emergency managed. the people who suffer is the people of san francisco where the dispatched communication should be uncompromised. station transfer unit is something we've proposed and we've had discussions with the san francisco police department. this is where the 10 applications it's been practiced before a if you years ago back the sheriff's deputies are the ones that go to the stations and pick up people in a temporary holding sells and instead of the san francisco police officer spend a lot of time and taking them to the county jail for
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booking and going there to booking process we can do that. it's been done before it saves the police department the crucial time to apply their efforts in other ways. our cost diverse reasonable it saves the city and coincident money. we offered a pilot without money being changed hands and our intention of civilizing the records to free up the san francisco police department. it's both i think in 2 hundred lap and this board to determine what that level of assistance looks like but if we can free up officers not having to sit open
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people having to be booked into jail that's an important efficiency for your department and the police department and the public safety overall. our department has never benefited from the field officer training program fto. the field training program is something that frankly every law enforcement agency applies and utilizes for their sworn staff they want to make sure their field and practical rode. we had a fair amount of that and it's evident from the general hospital tragedy last fall among other ethers not having an fto in place and funded by city again handicaps our deputies
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from bringing as trapped as we are the second largest agency in the city to be trained. now keeping pace with retirement. we have an academy class that will be finishing. their success rate so far meaning only one drop out for a medical reason was a high percentage for people able to sustain the academy class process. typically in the past our retirements have been 14th per year now we've seen 17 and the retirement is going to inch up we'll see 20 or 24 in the next fiscal year. we're very much hoping for an academy class built into the
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structural deficiency in planning and the last point i'm back filling staff on emergency leave this city and our department has a chronic problem with people on disability. between workers' compensation and disability to find remedies for more than several years for people on disability this is the case. the convinces of people being on workman's comp their occupy that position so those positions go outstanding filled and deemed inattentive. if we are depleted we have people on long term disability
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that paralyzes us. we ask that and through the help of peggy sugarman and other in the city that we feel we can make a strong case to fulfill those positions because we don't expect those 20 plus people to return back to the sheriff's department and feel it's unfair we simply treat those positions as filled when they're not. that concludes my presentation i'm happy to answer questions and thank our cfo who did a good job >> colleagues questions or comments open this up for public comment is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. thanks for the presentation.
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supervisor avalos >> yeah. yeah. i know we've got to foil this item. a motion to file the item we'll take that without objection. >> item 6 is the ordinance appropriating approximately one hundred and 16 thousand overtime and to overtime and appropriating one hundred and 16 thousand for the sheriff's department in probating budget in order to support the departments projected overtime for 2014-2015. >> i'm lets cfo of the sheriff's department and here to request your approval important a supplemental allocation for $150,000 for our food budget to our overtime budget no impact. as you can see from our year over year trend the shape of our
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overtime is fairly consistent with the year the blue is the current and the red is the prior. earlier in the year in the first 6 weeks or so two months or so we were tracking above that overtime for the year and i'll talk about that in the next slide. again, we came to the point in it is the duty 10 we xholtd pg 3 and a sharp chiropractor in our overcame to we didn't see the slope of the line of the overtime it's more shallow in the pay period 13 essentially the differences between the red and blue line is the overcame we didn't concur because of the consolidating. then there the holiday season we
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were not able to realize the same benefits so our overtime tracked with the previous overcame and after the high school and evacuates season you'll see our overtime declines cybill. we're expecting to spend less on overtime. one of the drivers is vacation was a because we have minimum staffing. any time 0 staff member is on pco we have to restaff. fashion used to be circulated in order to look at it all the position approved by members if you're working in the facility and divide it 365 so a member
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can take all tare evaluation we changed that and vacation is now for the size of the unit for every 7 deputies will help with the slots. in addition in the current unit the senior deputies were not counted in the vacation book meaning they were able to take vacationed completely outside of the rolls of allocation dictated and this is a net increase of 19 vacation days per shift just in custody alone and they got one vacation day per 4 members in a unit that actually was a
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decrease. we had to backfill thirty more slots in custody alone that's why it is higher in the year. essential 3 c.j. 3 brought us back. you can see from the year to year trend we had a budget of $9.8 million and this year our budget we'll be spending a decrease in our year to year budget in expenditures despite the challenge presented by the mo u slots. we anticipate to close the year at the $9.4 million which is one hundred and 15 thousand above
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our existing budget if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them >> colleagues, any questions at this point in time. okay mr. rose can you do your report, please and yes mr. chairman on page 7 we report on actually overtime with the pay period ending on march 28, 2014 the 2014-2015 and the sheriff's department see operating budget in table it two american people page 7, however, according to the sheriff's department the sheriff's department is requesting fund to cover one hundred and 15 thousand plus which is 64 thousand less from a hundred plus bent budget and the that's based on the sheriff's department estimated overcame spending from april to june 2014 we recommend and approve it
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>> thank you, colleagues any questions for mr. rose. okay. thanks we'll open this up for public comment is there any public comment on this item. colleagues a recommendation to approve item 67. so moved we'll take that without objection.. madam clerk, any other business before this commission? >> no, mr. chair. >> thanks everyone we're beyond every possible roll call dick
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>> item to primitive permits for march 25, 2014 meeting. >> so moved >> 2nd on favor say aye the minutes are approved. >> item 3 public comment and question. >> public almonds seeing none, bubble, and is closed >> item for executive session. >> 2nd. >>